Friday, June 13, 2014

CDTC Diary Day 1

After a fantastic buffet breakfast we head to the conference centre for the candidates registration at 8am - no taking it easy with late starts!! We are all put into teams of 7 and given a team colour - I would have preferred Blue or even Red but ended up in the Green Team - the Green Stars as we were named.

We receive our Candidate Assignment sheets which tells us the presentations we will need to give and some are understandably more happy with what they got than others - I don't even dive in a wetsuit so how am I supposed to give a presentation from the Dry Suit Specialty Course when I've never worn a dry suit in my life?? And Knot tying and CESA in open water - ouch!!

After the orientation to what we can expect over the next 8 days (part of which was conducted by the guy I saw standing by the pool) and PADI Staff and candidate introductions and lots of laughs we all begin to relax and enjoy what we are doing. And then it was off to a fantastic lunch at the resort.

We are told in the orientation that only 1% of divers globally make it to Course Director level so it hits home a bit where we have all got to in our diving careers. I've been diving for 13 years but when I talk to some of the other guys I realise just how much experience and knowledge is in this room - and then there's me!!

After lunch we review the Course Director Standards Exam and Knowledge Reviews that we had been tasked to do before we left home - no problems passing that exam as you would expect when you are expected to look the answers up in your manual!!

We then go off to the pool for the Rescue Skill workshop and Skill Circuit evaluation which again is good fun and also helps us relax a bit more and to enjoy what we are here to do!! The fact it is really hot and sunny is also nice.

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