Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CDTC Diary Day 5

An even earlier start this morning so we can take a short ride to the beach to do Open Water Evaluation Training and  a Descent and Underwater Tour workshop. The cool guys at Blue Vision Adventures (http://bluevisionadventures.net/), owned by an English guy called Mark provided the logistical support and a bit of moral support too.

I'm starting to have a few problems with my ears (not because they are big and sticking out) with what feels like an ear infection coming on. Fortunately Kat (the Aussie in the floppy hat on Day 3) had some great drugs on her because she was feeling a bit rough too and they did the trick.

At last we getting a chance to jump into the sea, even if only for a short while and without a chance to take a look around - but at least we are underwater.

Jereon Blokzeijl from Curacao and Charles (Chuck) Russell from Missouri 

After lunch we get to give our first IDC Presentation - I had to speak about the Goals and Benefits of Teaching in Confined Water and all in all everything is going well for me and everybody else in Green Team.

Fortunately PADI had strategically organised an O2 Provider Course this afternoon so we had to finish the CDTC early - in time to watch the England vs Italy game. Disappointed to lose but the young lads gave it a go.

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