Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CDTC Diary Day 6

Another early meet this time for a slightly longer bus journey to a place called Bahibe where we were guests for the day at an all inclusive hotel. Unfortunately, even though we were given the purple wrist bands, we weren't able to make the most of the all inclusive as we had to go into the water before and after lunch to give our two Open Water Presentations and had to evaluate one of our team mates!! We also completed our Rescue Skill Demonstration and all members of Green Team had a successful day.

Today was a particularly hard day and it seems that all of the pressure and intensity of the course so far has caught up with us as many of my fellow candidates are flagging as badly as me. Fortunately Kat had brought her magical drugs with her again today and some horrible tasting nasal spray as my ears are now squeaking like Mickey Mouse on helium.

The bonus was that we actually got a short time to swim around underwater and have a quick look at the marine life in the area. There was some really cool stuff including the smallest squid I've ever seen, some beautiful Rays, a couple of Lobsters, a Trunk Fish and a tiny thing that looked like an Angel Fish. We were also lead over the Underwater Museum there where there are remains of a 17th Century wreck including Cannons and Cannon Balls - very cool.

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