Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CDTC Diary Day 8

Today didn't quite go as it was supposed to after my leg swelled up last night to nearly twice it's normal size and left me unable to walk and in excruciating pain. Fortunately, after laying flat on my back all night with my leg raised, the swelling had subsided a bit by this morning but my right calf was still around an inch more in diameter than the left - and I am known for having quite big calves already so imagine how big it was!! To compound my misery and add to my discomfort I also had Gaut in my right foot - everything at once!! The good news is that my squeaky ears from the other day have completely cleared up. 

I managed to get a good score in my second Prescriptive Teaching Presentation before popping into the clinic at the resort to see the doctor. The doctor immediately diagnosed Deep Vein Thrombosis which even I know can be fairly serious if not treated right. The PADI guys then "suggested" I go to the hospital / clinic immediately to get a scan and told me that I wouldn't be able to complete my Confined Water Presentation this afternoon because of "Risk Management issues" - fair enough I suppose!!

After driving around to 3 different hospitals or clinics and calling a few more there was nobody around that could do the Doepler Ultrasound Scan to confirm the doctor's diagnosis so I went back to the hotel. Fortunately I was just in time to complete my final IDC Presentation and was very happy with my delivery and score - by now the very strong drugs I have been diagnosed have kicked in so everything is good. 

After the presentations and evaluations were done I went back to my room to relax and put my feet up as per doctor's orders. I did pop into the jacuzzi for a short while as it was the first time since I arrived that I had the time. Team Green Stars and the other candidates all went off to complete their final Confined Water Presentations and from what I hear everybody did a great job - well done guys.

Not sure whether it is the drugs kicking or just natural healing but my leg feels much better this evening and the swelling has reduced so hopefully the scan will be positive tomorrow and show nothing too serious.

Thanks to everybody for the get well messages and responses to my Facebook Status - I don't usually post things like that on Faceache but I was very frustrated and wanted to vent!!
I don't care how it looks if it helps me be able to catch my plane on Thursday I'll wear it everywhere I go.

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