Thursday, June 19, 2014

CDTC Diary Final Day

So today starts with a trip to the clinic to confirm (or not) the DVT diagnosis. My leg feels much better and the swelling has more or less gone but I think I should still go for the scan to be sure.

Good news from the scan results is that it's not DVT but the swelling was caused by a Muscle Crush - one of the muscles in my calf had contracted and had trapped a vein against another muscle which had caused  the vein to swell - a bit like when you squeeze a straw between two fingers. Nothing too alarming but something to get checked out. And even better the doc said no problem to go in the pool this afternoon to finish my course.

So.............. a mad dash back to get ready for my final classroom presentation. Unfortunately for my team mates it was during lunch hour and as I needed at least two of them to sit in on my presentation I had to ask them to demolish there lunch and join my for my presentation. As I said I only needed two bodies so was really touched when all six of my team mates turned up for my presentation - Peer Cooperation was one of the topics I was covering in my presentation and here it was in action - thanks guys it meant alot for all of you to come. The presentation was wrapped up with no problem then ..................

My fantastic Green Team teamates.

....... off to the swimming pool for my final confined water presentation where again my fantastic team mates all volunteered to jump in if they were needed. Only three were so the others sat by the side of the pool offering support - all except Jaroen who happened to notice that Holland vs Australia was on TV in the bar so he decided to watch that instead - a decision I fully supported because I would have done the same if it was England playing!! Again no problems this time I remembered to actually demonstrate what I wanted them to do and everything went according to plan and everything finished.

Just the last bits of paperwork and now..............................I've got the badge so I must be a

It was an stressful and eventful time but also such an awesome experience and I've met some great people that I'm sure are going to be amazing CD's and hopefully will stay in touch.

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