Friday, July 4, 2014

Midnight Blue has arrived!!

The Dive Academy are excited to say that our new speedboat "Midnight Blue" has arrived and we took it for a quick spin to Koh Tao today.

Having our own boat will allow us to increase our already exceptionally high levels of customer service, safety and fun and will give our guests an even more fantastic experience than before (if that's possible!!).

Midnight Blue will get us to the dive sites quickly and comfortably and will give our customers plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy time on the boat with our staff.

Having our own boat will help us to offer the best standard of Divemaster training around and will give the DM Trainees plenty of dive experience and opportunities to perfect their abilities before reaching the first step of the PADI Pro ladder as a Divemaster.

Instructor Candidates will also reap the rewards of the arrival of Midnight Blue with great packages to complete the MSDT Prep Course and a number of PADI Instructor Specialties.

Come and join in the exciting times at The Dive Academy!!