Sunday, June 7, 2015

June IDC at The Dive Academy

The June IDC at The Dive Academy is now in full swing. Stephanie & Ekin have been working hard studying for their theory and have already delivered knowledge development presentations as well as Confined & Open Water presentations, gaining good scores.

They have also been listening to various presentations and learning about a variety of topics from Youth responsibilities to Risk Management to the Business of Diving.

There's still lots to learn and coming up they have a variety of in water workshops, lots and lots of theory exams and some more presentations to deliver. Keep up the good work guys!

As Paul & Claire will be heading off to England this month, Stephanie & Ekin are taking part in the July IE on Koh Tao. So they have a little bit more time available to practise getting those perfect 5's!

If you're interested in joining our July, August & September IDC's, there are spaces available, so contact us for more information!

                              Ekin using the Prescriptive Lesson guides during his presentation
                                         Ekin explaining a 'missed' question to his students
                      Receiving their teaching presentations for the coming week from Course Director Paul
    Looking at the standards for the new PADI Reactivate programme, replacing the old Scuba Review
                           Discussing the responsibilities of diving with and teaching children
                           Staff Instructor Claire explaining about the different courses for children

                                                     Stephanie looking up standards

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