Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Mission complete

The final step of the IDC process was completed when Ekin & Stephanie took the EFR Instructor course which we conducted at the SSS Recompression Chamber. Ricky, the manager of the chamber gave the two of them an orientation to the chamber and a really good introduction to how it works when treating patients suspected of having decompression illness, including the different kinds of treatment and the reasons for the different depths and times used to pressurise the chamber.

After the intro to the chamber they demonstrated the ability to teach a number of the EFR Course skills and very quickly and easily corrected the deliberate mistakes made by their pretend students. Annie was returned safe and well and ready to play the victim for the next EFR Course!! 

IDC Comes to an end

Ekin & Stephanie have reached the final few days of the IDC and have comfortably reached the levels needed to take the PADI IE on Koh Tao.

During the past few days they have been concentrating on making sure they know all they need to know about dive theory and successfully completed the final dive theory exams. They have also shown they know their way around the PADI Instructor manual to find the PADI Standards by passing the Standards and Procedures exams.

On top of the classroom work they have also been performing their Confined and Open Water presentations using The Dive Academy instructors as willing but particularly bad students!! Both Ekin and Stephanie have produced really strong presentations and kept the unruly students in line and have shown they know what to do to become good PADI Instructors.  

During the Adventure Dive workshop in Mango Bay we were lucky enough to lay our line right next to where a seahorse was casually resting and it was happy to come closer and actually wrapped itself around our line – a lovely bonus for us when all we thought we were doing was teaching or learning rather than enjoying ourselves!!

All that’s left now is for Ekin & Stephanie to impress the big, bad examiners from PADI!!

Good luck to the two of you, we hope everything goes well and your hard work pays off.