Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Instructor Specialty's at The Dive Academy

So that we can continue offering our Instructor's and future Instructor Candidates the opportunity to keep improving their knowledge and skills, The Dive Academy have added 3 PADI Specialty Courses and Specialty Instructor Courses to the list we now offer:

Wreck Diving:  if you enjoy exploring wrecks and the added adventure and thrill you get from penetrating them, why not become a Wreck Specialty Instructor and share the thrill with your future students!

 Find out how to become a Wreck Specialty Instructor

Self Reliant Diver: there are times when an experienced diver may need or want to dive without a buddy. Become a Self Reliant Diver Distinctive Specialty Instructor and teach the skills, attitude and procedures required to dive safely by yourself.

 Teach Self Reliant Diver Specialty

Sidemount: teach your students the benefits and fun of diving with two tanks on the side as opposed to one tank on the back.

 Become a Sidemount Instructor

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