Sunday, November 6, 2016

The meaning of Internship in the diving industry

In the diving industry their is a common misconception regarding the meaning of "Internship". Many people believe that it means that you get the dive courses for free in exchange for working around the dive centre. That is not what is meant by the internship option on the courses.

At The Dive Academy both the Divemaster Course and the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Course are completed by means of an "Internship" which you pay for. What it actually means is that you complete the courses over a period of time by working alongside our Instructors, learning and gaining valuable experience by watching real courses, real students and by learning what other jobs around the dive centre are carried out by our PADI Pro's to help the dive centre function on a daily basis. This includes packing bags, washing equipment, washing cups, equipment maintenance, helping keep our pool crystal clear by clearing leaves, dealing with Social Media, customer service issues and many other day to day tasks that are required to run the business. Learning the essential but less glamorous side to being a PADI Professional is part of the courses, particularly Divemaster.

There are many reasons why "free internships in exchange for work" are not a good idea and why we don't offer them:
  • A good dive centre would hopefully have all of the jobs required to run effectively already being carried out by their staff otherwise how would they function? If that is the case you would only be given the real meaningless and worthless tasks to carry out which would be of no benefit to your development. It is known that often free interns are used as nothing more than cheap labour.
  • PADI Pro's spend a lot of time, effort and money along the way to gaining a good amount of knowledge and experience so why would we give away for free the benefit of that knowledge and experience? If you get it for free there is a good chance that your training will not be as good or carried out with as much enthusiasm as it would if you paid for it.
  • Being a PADI Pro isn't all about diving with lovely fishes and getting a suntan. It is an amazing lifestyle and a great way to live but like many other professions it is hard work and some of it not so glamorous. You need to learn as much about your new profession, the good bits and the not so good, as you can to be a success.
  • Here in Thailand it is illegal to work without a work permit so a free internship could lead to problems for both us and anybody on a free internship doing jobs around the dive centre without one.
  • There are many Divemasters and Instructors in the diving industry looking for work that have spent money and time on becoming a Pro and having people work for free only makes finding a job more difficult for those deserving of it.

If you want the best possible training and the best start to your life as a PADI Pro and are willing to pay for it contact us to see what deals we can offer you to get you started.

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